Global Business Coalition for Education

GBC-Education’s assets include the voice, capabilities, resources and innovations of our leaders and member companies. In the first year of operation, 20 of the world’s most influential companies joined the Coalition, and we have expanded significantly with a membership of over 100 leading brands. Our members believe that their influence, core business, social responsibility, strategic investments, thought leadership and philanthropy – when used in collaboration with peer companies, government, nonprofit and the educational community – are powerful tools to increase the number of children and youth who are in school and learning.

By joining us, companies become part of a global movement of businesses committed to changing children’s lives through education.

A business-led, action-oriented organization, GBC-Education focuses on four core functions: Connect, Cooperate, Showcase and Discover.

  • CONNECT: While many companies already engage in education through philanthropic or social investment programs, these actions require coordination to have greater impact.  GBC-Education’s forum increases companies’ effectiveness by creating “members-only” spaces for company leaders to connect and identify cutting-edge opportunities for collaboration.  We work with our members to leverage economies of scale.
  • COOPERATE: In addition to connecting companies, we create avenues for cooperation with bilateral and multilateral agencies, foundations and civil society organizations.  We connect members with high-level policymakers to advocate for quality education and learning and expose companies to the latest initiatives being spearheaded by education organizations around the world.
  • SHOWCASE: We show that business is an active partner in educating the world’s children and youth.  GBC-Education highlights its members’ work and their thought leadership to large international audiences to communicate the importance of getting involved in education and to inspire others to action.
  • DISCOVER: We facilitate research projects that identify opportunities for effective investments in education and establish best practices to guide corporate efforts, seeking to bring real educational outcomes for children and youth.

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