Global Business Coalition for Education

GBC-Education’s Girls’ Education Task Force is focused on closing the gender divide in education. It is based on member interests as well as areas of greatest need in the education sector.


Girls’ Education Task Force

Led by Dangote Foundation and Standard Chartered

If all the girls in Kenya were to complete secondary school and delay having children until their twenties, then their economies would grow by $3.4 billion every year. If all mothers were literate then the chances of their newborns surviving past the age of five would increase by 50%. If all girls received an education, then work that exploits women and child marriage across the world would plummet dramatically. And yet, there are still over 130 million girls and young women out of school today.


At GBC-Education, we can change this. When all of our members are combined, our collective initiatives empower, mentor, and protect 6 million girls across the world. Through their voice, in-country networks, and existing programs, business leaders can ensure girls are completing school, developing relevant skills and finding jobs to reach their full potential.


The Girls’ Education Task Force enables business leaders to convene their peers, coordinate resources and champion change for girls and their right to an education. Our first steps focused on unlocking gateways for learning through initiatives like the Global Education Platform; aligning learning outcomes and workforce needs via mentoring and skills enhancement; promoting the empowerment and equity for girls using digital platforms like the #UpForSchool petition and the #smartinvestment Webinar series.


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