Global Business Coalition for Education

Business must play leading role in preparing tomorrow’s workforce, according to new report

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is bringing emerging technologies to the forefront at a rapid pace not experienced before. It is transforming the type of work people do, and how it is done. While 4IR offers new opportunities, many in the workforce today are being left behind, and are unprepared for the future. This has led to growing concern from business leaders that the global workforce is not able to keep up with the current rate of change. In particular, 1.8 billion youth worldwide stand to be left behind by the changes.

Resilience Through Education: BHP Billiton Foundation and UN Women Partner to Support Women and Girls

In order to combat the rates of illiteracy among women and girls globally, as well as support women in overcoming barriers to education, GBC-Education member company, BHP Billiton Foundation, and UN Women launched the Second Chance Education & Vocational Learning Programme, which works to enhance educational and learning pathways available to women and young women ensuring no one is left behind.

Making Education a Priority for Children and Youth Impacted by Conflict

World Humanitarian Day takes place every year on August 19 to show support for aid workers and civilians who face the threat of daily violence in conflict zones. One of the most vulnerable groups in crisis tend to be children – especially girls – who lose out on an education due to unsafe learning environments, conscription as child soldiers, sexual violence and abuse, child marriage, and poverty exacerbated by the surrounding emergency.

Transformative Education for Refugee Children: 5 Important Takeaways

At a time when the refugee crisis is at an all time high globally– including the current crisis on the border of the United States and Mexico – it’s important now more than ever to discuss innovative ways to use education as a transformative tool for refugee children. Below, you will find 5 important takeaways from the event on how business, governments, civil society, academia, and international actors can help bring education to the most marginalized and vulnerable communities, specifically refugees.

Bring girls to the front and they’ll leave no one behind

The theme of the 2018 Day of the African Child is to “Leave No Child Behind for Africa’s Development”. Girls make up a disproportionate number of children left behind. There are 9 million girls compared to 6 million boys of primary school age in Africa who will never go to school.[2] A quality academic education is part of what is needed to support girls. Alongside, support is needed to tackle social norms that limit girls’ opportunities and put the words can’t, shouldn’t and won’t at the forefront of girls’ minds. Only 20 percent of donor funding for gender equality, however, is used to focus on girls and young women.[3] There’s a key role for business leaders to commemorate this day by supporting quality education and opportunity for girls.